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Sky Cargo Service LLC have been engaged in air cargo transportation around the world since 2014.We deliver goods in the export and import directions from any country.IATA Accredited Cargo Agent. Our IATA number: 9247054/0002We can send cargo from anywhere in the world and make delivery of the arriving cargo with customs.We draw up a customs declaration (EXPORT, IMPORT).Officially admitted to the registration of a dangerous goods declaration (DGD).

We are able to work with various types of cargo. We carried such goods as:

  • packaging for radiation;

  • cargos with dry ice and temperature conditions (urgency up to 48 hours);

  • cargo to the exhibition. 

  • We took the model to the exhibition for UNESCO in France by ATA Carnet;

  • live animals;

  • precious cargo;

  • aviation engines, turbines;

  • chemical cargo;

  • medical cargo;

  • spare parts for nuclear power plants;

  • hazardous cargo;

  • commercial helicopters;

  • spare parts for mining equipment.


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